Now that we have gotten used to the skills changes, I have made changes to this page although the distribution part will stay the same because many players have not played since the change and need to know how to

distribute their points.

We must always remember that this Game is a business for those who have

created Lady Popular & they own the business.

This is their backyard & we can only come to play in it according to their rules.


For any of the administration that may be visiting my site, Thank you for returning the messaging system that has served us so well over these many years. We appreciate the fact that you listened to us & decided to give us what we wanted. Hopefully, those who chose to leave the game instead of waiting, will return & continue playing.

Our Page has a new look 

New skills have division of points by the player

Be strategic & have a plan before you divide down your points. Do it slowly & thoughtfully.

Your total points by buying, voting, winning events are at the top, in the point bank, ready to distribute into skill areas

Upon opening your popularity skill list you will see only that the practise points are distributed into each skill and loyalty can't be changed, or added to without having a pet to train.

Be mindful and take your time when distributing your points as nothing can be undone and there is no confirmation box.

It begins by each skill point costing a single point but after 6 of these the price increases. First it goes to 2, then 4, and continues to increase as you distribute the points.

For the players, such as I, who have bought everything possible from the pet and furniture stores, this is an opportunity for us to now buy many of the clothes we'd like to have but needed the money for other things, and then apply these points to other skills putting our strategy to work for us.

Fashion points are the points earned from everything you win and everything you do in the game. Beauty salon areas of hair, make up, henna, peircings, tatoos, etc, do not give fashion points, but the solarium does this is a good place to earn fast & easy points without cluttering up your wardrobe with stuff you'll never wear. 

All of the fashion points you earn as you play are collected in the point bank & stay there


Until you convert & distribute them into your skills.

All points stored in the bank are not included in duels or in fights.

To all of the players who are refusing to distribute these points

into your skills, while being in a club, are not being supportive

of their club & are in fact, hindering their club in battles especially where trophies may be on the line.

You can only open one skill menu at a time. If you click on something underlined it takes you to that area in your game. 

The points it costs to increase a skill will increase also so pay attention and have a strategy plan before you begin distributing

Clicking on the My Lady Tab will take you to your inventory page while 

Clicking on Profile in the My Lady tab menu

will take you to the new Profile page

(the popularity page is now gone)

as seen below

Voting has also changed

The cost is now $100 per single point

(with the cost being doubled,

there is the likelihood to be fewer votes.)

As I said before, strategy is a personal thing and may change from time to time according to your mood or what your income is in the game. But having some sort of plan in mind as you play is always a good thing. At the bottom of the page are some ideas if you aren't really sure which way you want to go with your points.

With the skill changes also changes many strategies for becoming stronger. Practice is less important & might be better saved for when the conversion from fashion points to skill points become too high.

As you distribute your points, look at each skill first to see where you are on them. Some of the practices will be very expensive & some will be affordable. You can use your points to counteract this cost. Say if you have a skills that has a practice of $65,000 you might want to add more points here or less points here because you know you can't easily afford to do a practice at this cost.

Many players, such as myself, prefer that skills be even & will distribute points according to this plan.

Staying with this last strategy, many players will make a single skill hugely larger, along with their completed pet training leaving the rest even because they believe this gives them an edge in the duels but many have learned that this is no longer the case because there are points added and points subtracted from what we enter the arena with so choosing a single larger skill now has no signifigance in helping to win a duel.

As a guide one of the questions I get asked nearly everyday is "How do I know if my skills are good?" or they will ask, "What are considered good skills?" 

After much consideration, & judging by what I've been able to accomplish in other versions, I have a simple formula that can be applied to any level, at any time, & still have it be relevant & used as a guideline for setting realistic goals.

Since level 8 is when the tutorial ends, we will use this as an example;

Simply take the number of the level you are at & multiply that by 5. So, into level 8 your skills should be up to 40 -45 across the board before you go onto level 9. Of course Loyalty does not count because this skill is strictly dependant upon having a pet to train and reaches completion at some point. 

Doing this will give you a good average for you to set your skills at.

If you want to be stronger, multiply by 6 or 7, & if you are in a club you should multiply by at least 7 or 8 because the club will give you a boost that needs to be considered. Just because you are in a club, and the club has boosted your skills, you can't be lazy & stop increasing skills because if you leave the club,

you also loose the skill boost. 

UPDATED 11-09-2018

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