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  • With the new skill system doing practice first is not necessary but should be balanced with increaseing the skills by points

  • Always train your pet to get an easy point & raise loyalty skill

  • Take care of your boyfriend as often as is possible, too

  • Always empty your bank when going to sleep or offline, & preferrably into club cash bank

  • Putting Lady to work is always a good option to earn cash while you are away from the game however, only do this if you also want stars

  • ALWAYS FOLLOW EVERY CLUB RULE because too many broken rules will get you kicked out of any club

  • Never harass a president to get into a club because she will ignore you & delete your application & messages.

  • Club presidents are not RUDE or MEAN when they don't accept you into their club. They are being protective of their club. You most likely don't qualify & that is on you not on them.

  • To get invited to a party, vote for the lady often, then POLITELY congratulate her and ask for an invitation in a PM, never in a comment.

  • Play minigames often, they're fun and easy extra money.

  • Play fashion machine to win special items not in mall, but choose carefully & let the components build up to earn the best stuff. This is the best place to earn the high-40% & 50% pop bonuses which are most useful in club fights.

  • Be selective when shopping in the mall or you will end up with a wardrobe full of items you end up never use more than once. 

  • Participate in events which are like games within the game & give you the opportunity to win or buy hair, cars, backgrounds, special pet items, special clothing, bags, shoes & more.

  • Events will consume all of your emeralds & diamonds if you are not careful, & they can be expensive so be selective of what you go after because the next event may be even better & have more desirable items. And remember that you can't have everything.

  • Never ever fake a vote, negative vote or lie about voting, you will be caught and people will stop visiting and it's likely to lead to you getting down voted by them and their club.

  • Be nice & polite to all of the guides. They get a ton of questions and it takes time to answer each one because they have a life outside of the game. Don't ask them stupid or unnecessary questions.

  • Clicking on the images to the right & below will take you to the sites of my favorite guides or to their inboxes if they have no site.

  • Never steal the intellectual property of a site you've visited. Ask for permission to link up to it instead. 

  • Guides are not part of the administration. We do not have inside information on what iS coming and we can't give you anything. We also can't reset accounts or help you get back into your account. Send in a feedback ticket for these problems.

For More Help,

just message;

One of these Favorite Game Guides;

An Amazing Website


Ceny Mensen is a guide that has made an amazing website for the game where many areas are explained so visit it, by clicking below, and you might learn something new.



Mermaids Club has a very informative website. 

Its well thought out and easy to read and understand.

This is the perfect guide for new players with limited knowledge 

of the game so far.

Click below to visit there.

UPDATED 03-27-2018

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